MT4 Trade Manager
Welcome MT4 Trade Manager

Successful trading on the Forex market requires
quick and precise trade execution.  

That is the only reason that we developed
our exeptionally fast trading scripts that work with
one-click trade execution and use precise Money Management.  
They are purpose built to make profit.

MT4 Trade Manager scripts use revolutionary coding methods for lighting fast trade execution for MT4 trading platform. They allow you to easily manage your trade orders such as Market Buy or Market Sell orders, pending orders or to move your Stop Loss or Profit Target level with a single click or to cover your positions with Stop Loss to Break Even point, use Trailing Stop, etc. Also, they feature very sophisticated yet easy-to-use and precise Money Management that allows you to use tailored Money Management method best matching your trading style or your trading strategy.

Learn more about our professional trade scripts: the versatile MT4 Intraday Trade Manager; the fastest script on the world, our MT4 Scalp Trade Manager; the standalone multi-trade manager: MT4 Hydra Trade Manager

We invite you to watch the videos below to see our professional Trade Manager scripts live trading and making profit. We actually live trade with our scripts every day; that is how we know how efficient they are.

MT4 Intraday Trade Manager EURUSD M30 MT4 Intraday Trade Manager AUDUSD M15 MT4 Intraday Trade Manager AUDUSD H1 MT4 Intraday Trade Manager AUDUSD M15

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